Number Porting Guidance

Number Porting is easy with YourCloudTelco

Number porting is fundamental to the structure of YourCloudTelco, and it is essential to bringing your customers on board. So let’s work together to get this right.

Our aim is to ensure that your customer LNP requests are processed efficiently and correctly, so that there are not unnecessary time delays or expenses incurred.

Number Porting Checklist.

It is essential too that you understand the LNP Code and porting process. We have put together information including a Porting Checklist to guide you through some of the pre-requisites needed to submit a new port requests. We do need you to upload the latest copy of your customer’s bill with the port request. Older bills won’t be accepted by the upstream carrier’s porting team. We do need you to firstly run through this bill, as per the checklist, and tick-off that you have provided the information correctly and know which type of port is to be requested.

Number Porting Jargon.

Because of the complexity of porting we’ve also put together a Glossary of Terms which you can refer to as needed. There are terms that we refer to often and without your understanding of these it’s easy to get confused or to misunderstand information.

Third Party Number Ports.

Our upstream carriers have introduced a new Third Party Port Request charge which we now need to pass on. Cat-A port requests are charged as Third Party Ports when the Allocated Carrier, Latest Carrier and Current Carrier ID are different. So, for example where the Allocated Carrier is Optus and the Current Carrier is Commander this is a Third Party Port.

Step by Step.

We’re here to step you through the porting process where you are new to this; and we say with porting, there is never a dumb question. It’s a bit of a black art and not all carriers make it easy. So feel free to get in touch with our porting team and we’ll do our best to guide you through.

Customers are free to choose their preferred carrier and they should be able move their numbers to their provider of choice. We do try and make it as easy as possible.

Number Search and Qualification.

The ACMA has a tool where you can search for a number and see who the parties are that hold a number. This doesn’t show the retail carrier but does show who the current carrier is.

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