YourCloudTelco Invoice/Statements Get a Makeover

YourCloudTelco Invoice

YourTelcoCloud Invoices have been updated.

We’ve given you more detail on the customer’s YourCloudTelco Invoice so you can send these directly to your customers, branded with your logo. The Invoice/Statement gives a summary of the customers’ account activity for the month.

Whether you’re offering a pre or post-paid YourCloudTelco service the invoice should be all you need to show the customer how they’ve been using your Cloud PBX service.

We’ve summarised the information into logical sections.

Plan details. This shows the plan the customer is on and the dates they are billed from and to.
Calling Usage Summary. This gives summaries of Outbound, Inbound and On-net calls showing number of calls and the duration.
Services Summary. This is where you will see billing items such as 100 number blocks, porting charges and manual/debits that are charged to the account.
Before, this information was pretty difficult to figure out. Now, it is in logical sections and has appropriate labels.

The online view is pretty similar and gives you the opportunity for you to drill down into more detail, for example to see all calls from a specific line on a particular day.

We’ve put together an article in the YourCloudTelco knowledge base to help you Understand Your Bill.

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