Customers Accounts

There are four types of customers status - New, Active, Suspended and Cancelled. New Account The account has been created but has not started billing yet. You are unable to set a calling plan  or add numbers Active Account The account is billing and Calling Plans can be changed, Numbers and

How porting works

Port a single number Simple ports generally take 4-6 business days to complete. 1Customer submits port requestThis will take one business day to submit to our upstream carrier. At this point your account is charged. 2Losing carrier accepts port outThis should take two business day, however it may take longer if there are

Porting a number over to YourCloudTelco

Unlike mobile number porting, Australian business landline number porting is a largely manual process. To assist with cut-over, there's a few details you will need to consider: Cut-over: At cut-over, the loosing carrier reroutes any calls to SIPcity. However, during the cut-over your numbers may go offline as the various

Creating Calling Plans

Each account must be assigned to a Calling Plan which is charged monthly. This determines the services included in the monthly charge. There are two different plan types which your platform can manage, Bundle Plans and Pay-As-You-Go Plans. Plan types Bundle Plans, offers the customer a set amount of services for a

Creating Number Plans

Each number added to an account gets assigned to a Number Plan. You are set up with three Number Plans: Bundled Line, are set at $0.00. This is recommended to be used in Bundled Plans, in a Bundled Plan the customer get X amount of numbers within the plan as well as

Customers Call Data Records (CDR)

Like in your Management CAP account you have the ability to search through all your customers Call Data Records (CDR) billing records, and you can refine your search by; date calls where made, billing period, length and type of call. Quick Guide Login into your Management CAP Select Customer  > select customer > Billing records Set

Account status

The account status dashboard provides a broad overview of your account. In this dashboard you can view account balance, plan details and customer account summary. Quick Guide Step 1: Status Log into your Management CAP Select Customer > select customer > Account Status In the Status section you can: Suspend or Cancel the customer, when you cancel