Bootcamp 1 – Initial Setup and Configuration

This is the first in a series of bootcamps aimed at getting your new YourCloudTelco White Label account setup, and have you running your own Telco business in no time. With YourCloudTelco you can develop your own VoIP telecommunications business, with a great Cloud PBX service offering to take to your

Receipts to Xero via Zapier

Get your customer receipts directly into Xero. If you're using Xero as your accounting solution then it's pretty easy to have your YourCloudTelco customer payment receipts added directly into Xero. You will need to subscribe to both Zapier and MailParser to facilitate this process. These are both excellent cloud services and we're

Create a Number Port Request

YourCloudTelco supports number porting which means that you can bring your current number with you to use on theYourCloudTelco network. Porting charges apply to each port request that is submitted. You will need to complete an online port request form to bring any numbers into YourCloudTelco. In Australia we have three port

Signup – Building YourCloudTelco

There are two phases to building your own YourCloudTelco. Trial Signup: Create your own telco with the TakeOff trial signup starter service which includes the YourCloudTelco Management portal ('CAP") and customer PBX using the TakeOff calling rates. Full upgrade: Once you have decided to go to the market, complete the upgrade form to convert


If you are experiencing one way voice particularly on incoming calls the most probable cause is SIP ALG. While originally designed to resolve a NAT related problems, with no standard implementation many routers and software based firewalls corrupt the SIP message by attempting to rewrite part of the SIP message. Frustratingly the

Managment CAP Admin

There you can view all of Admin users on your Management CAP network. You can reset the password and disable the user. The user options are; StandardUser, Administrator, BillingFeedUser. You can also view the release notes which show any changes that are being made in the Management CAP.

Management CAP Numbers

Porting numbers means you can bring your customers’ numbers across to YourCloudTelco to use within the Cloud PBX. Please note that porting charges apply to each port request that is submitted. Before you submit a port request, it’s a good idea to run through our Porting Checklist to ensure you

Management CAP Rates

Create your master price sheet for all calling charges to outgoing and inbound calls to each destination. Quick Time Log into your Management CAP. Click Rates (top dashboard). Choose Select rate plan, you can create a rate charge for each individual plan Apply margins to the call rates. You can apply a single margin

Management CAP Calling Plans

Manage all plans, add-on's, number charges and one-off billable charges which you are going to offer your customers. Quick Guide Log into your Management CAP Click Plans (top dashboard) On the left hand side dashboard you can access: Plans. Call Groups. Add-ons. Numbers. Channels. Billing items. Fees. Plans Here you

Management CAP Customers

The Management CAP Customers section gives you access to your customers accounts within the Management CAP. You can see an overview of your customers, add customers and apply payments to customers accounts. Quick Guide Log into your Management CAP > Customers (top dashboard) On the left hand side dashboard you can access: