Call Data Records (CDR) API

You have the ability to search through all your Call Data Records (CDR) billing records, and you can refine your search by; date calls where made, billing period, length and type of call.

Quick look

1. Billing Records (CDR) – Overview

On our service ‘Calls Records’ are viewable from the instant of call completion and are searchable from both the ‘CAP Management’ and ‘Customer PBX’ portals using the following search criteria:

  • Date
  • Billing Period
  • Billing group
  • Advanced (seconds, to, from, type | export)

2. Billing Feed API

Access to the CDR billing feed is provided via an HTTP GET request from our billing services resource.

  1. Log into your Managment CAP
  2. Click Admin > Create new user 
  3. Select Username, Email and Role
  4. Reset password: Assuming your password was b1ll1ngf33d then the URL would be:
  5. CAP URL: Ensure your UserID is consistent with the BillingFeedUser created in the CAP.[hcapurl]/billing/feed?login=[user]&password=[password]&fromid=[earliest cdr id to collect]
  • User: account number
  • Password: account password
  • FromID: tells the system from which id you wish to fetch rows (including that ID). NB: Set the fromid to the LAST ID that was collected otherwise it will just fetch all CDR records every time.

3. Call Types

The billing feed supports the following call types.

Type Sub Type Description
IB IB Inbound Calls
2T 2T On-net calls
L LO Local Overage
IM INM TollFree Inbound Mobile
0 0 Pin Blocked Calls
A3 A3 AU 6113 Inbound Nat
A8 A8 Inbound AU 6118
U0 U0 Inbound UK 4480
U1 U1 Inbound US 18xx
3M 3M AU 6113 Inbound Mob
9 9 0900 Calls
I I International Calls
IS IN8 TollFree Inbound
M M Calls to Mobile
L L Local Calls
S S National Calls
8 8 Toll free calls
O O Operator Calls
M MG Calls to Mobile GSM
M M3 Calls to Mobile 3G
IF IF Inbound Forwarded

4. Call Recordings

The mechanism to retrieve Call Records is the same but requires you to provide a static IP address which we in turn whitelist in order to grant access to this secured folder.

For more information raise a ticket via your Management CAP login.

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