Porting a number- Checklist

 Following a porting checklist  while porting numbers can ease the frustration for customers. Particularly when a port request is submitted that has inaccurate information. In this case the request will most likely be rejected resulting in time delays and unnecessary rejection costs being charged.

Number Porting Checklist

Please use this checklist as a guide to help you and your customers to port their numbers.

  1. Obtain a copy of the customer’s latest bill from the Current Carrier
  2. Record the Current Carrier.
  3. Record the Carrier Account Number and confirm this is correct from viewing the latest bill. See examples.
  4. If porting a Special Number, eg 13/1300/1800, record the Wholesale Account Number.
  5. Record the Customer Name/Business name as shown on the bill
  6. Record the physical address of services – this cannot be a PO Box number
  7. Check to confirm any Complex Services/Incompatible products, eg;
    • ISDN
    • Message bank
    • Line Hunt
    • Fax Duet
    • Multiple Numbers,
    • Number Blocks
    • Number Redirection
    • Exchange Based Diversion
    • Faxstream
  1. Is the customer aware of any other products on the line number, eg;
    • ADSL
    • DOT service
    • Other

Will the port request be submitted as a Simple Port Request (Cat-A) or a Complex Port Request (Cat-C)?

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