Porting a number over to YourCloudTelco

Unlike mobile number porting, Australian business landline number porting is a largely manual process.

To assist with cut-over, there’s a few details you will need to consider:

  • Cut-over: At cut-over, the loosing carrier reroutes any calls to SIPcity. However, during the cut-over your numbers may go offline as the various routing tables propagate between the Telcos. This process can vary from a few seconds to two hours depending on workload of the loosing carrier on the day of your number port.
  • Lines Administration: As part of our porting process, we automatically recreate your numbers which you will access via Lines Administration Manager on the morning of the cut-over. From that moment, you can register phones in preparation of the cut-over albeit you wont be able to make calls until cut-over. If you are subscribing to our service via a PBX, your ported numbers will automatically route to your trunk number/IP address at cut-over.
  • PBX customers: If you already have an active PBX (Registered or SIP peer’d) at SIPcity, at cut-over we automatically route incoming calls to your trunk number/IP address for peering customers. For new customers, PLEASE DON’T WAIT for cut-over to start configuring your PBX. While incoming calls won’t fail, our systems will route through to our generic voice-mail, as we won’t at that point know where to on-send the call.
  • Hosted voice customers: If you intend to use SIPcity’s hosted cloud PBX, have your phones been re-provisioned to Register to SIPcity? At the moment of cut-over, your phone should just work. To help you with handset provisioning take a look at our device provisioning.

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