Signup – Building YourCloudTelco

There are two phases to building your own YourCloudTelco.

  1. Trial Signup: Create your own telco with the TakeOff trial signup starter service which includes the YourCloudTelco Management portal (‘CAP”) and customer PBX using the TakeOff calling rates.
  2. Full upgrade: Once you have decided to go to the market, complete the upgrade form to convert your TakeOff trail to full service YourCloudTelco .

TakeOff form

Complete the TakeOff form. Below is a list of things you will need before you get started.

  • Company name.
  • Business contact details.
  • Your current website.
  • Business graphics, you will need two versions:
    1. Product icon for the Management CAP (needs to be 40 pixels in height, any width)
    2. Product logo for the login (needs to be 100 pixels in height, any width)

Accessing the Management CAP and YourCloudPBX

You will receive an email containing access credentials to the Management CAP and Cloud PBX portals providing the following:

  • Username
  • Password
  • Domain – for your Management CAP. To access the Cloud PBX through the Management CAP look here.

Build YourCloudTelco

Get prepared to Upgrade

To complete the Build YourCloudTelco form you will need to have, and or completed the following.

  • Login details: to access this form you will need to provide your credentials provided in the trial signup.
  • Service Offer: This form captures all the products you will sell to your customers. If you need help with this form it may help to speak with our sales team (1800 150 686).
  • Vanity URL’s: for the service build including Cloud PBX portal, any SIP proxy (Registration / Peering) and vFax.
  • ‘admin’ email alias: required to purchase a Cloud PBX SSL certificate on your behalf.
  • Correspondence emails: The platform sends a variety of communication emails, voicemail, faxing, call recording, web conferencing, accounts and billing.
  • Account billing detail: BSB, Billing address, Terms & Payment Advice, Receipt Options (any optional information you as the wholesaler want to include in the receipt)
  • Company logo: maximum 400 pixels wide by 120 pixels high.

SSL certificate for your Customer Portal

Because your customer Cloud PBX portal will contain credit card and sensitive phone credentials, we have mandated that all Cloud PBX portals use an SSL certificate. To simplify this part of the process we will purchase the certificate on your behalf from our preferred suppliers ServerTastic (see instructions below).

To enable us to purchase an SSL certificate on your behalf, you will need to create an admin email alias on your mail server (i.e. ‘‘  which the certificate issuer uses to validate your authority of the domain.

The SSL certificate applied to your Cloud PBX vanity URL must be identical to the CNAME record that we request you to apply to your DNS below.

DNS Settings

To complete your customisation of the build process we ask you to make the following four entries against your DNS.

  • CNAME: for the CloudPBX vanity URL
  • A Record: for the peering and registration proxies
  • MX Record: Faxmail
  • SPF Record: Faxmail security

MX ToolBox

Use MxToolBox to verify MX records for a domain in priority order. With the lookup checked directly against the domain’s authoritative name server, the MX Records should show up almost instantly.

Cloud PBX vanity URL

As part of our service we enable you to use your own vanity URL for your customer facing CloudPBX, which you will do using a CNAME entry against your DNS.

For example your domain is and you want to use as your vanity PBX URL.

  1. Login to your Domain Control Panel > DNS or Name Servers.
  2. Create a new CNAME- eg >
  3. You may need to following info:
    • TTL: set to 1 hour.

Peering and Registration

Depending on your business you can create separate vanity proxies for both Registration and SIP Peering. Behind the scenes, they will both use an  A Record and resolve to the same IP address:


Because our vFax service relies on email for both the sending and delivery you will use an MX record to associate your Mail Zone with our mail server. Continuing with the example your MX record would be as follows (see pic below):

  • >
  • >

SPF Records (for faxing)

A Sender Policy Record (‘SPF’) is a DNS TXT record that identifies which mail servers are permitted to send email on behalf of a domain ultimately preventing spammers from sending emails with forged From addresses.

Because your customers are ultimately relying on our mail server for fax delivery, you will need to add an SPF TXT record to your DNS to enable the receiving email server to validate that the incoming mail comes from an authorised host (i.e. YourCloudTelco).

TXT     “v=spf1 ip4: a mx ~all”

Other Settings

  • DNS Primary:
  • DNS Secondary:
  • RTP: 20,000 – 40,000 (set by your router)
  • NTP:

Complete Build

  1. Once we have received your SSL certificate and you’ve set your DNS CNAME record the final build can begin. YourCloudTelco will rebrand both the Management CAP and PBX with vanity URL’s for the SIP proxies and various emails of the sites.
  2. You will then receive a conformation email with all your settings for the service build.

Getting Started

You are now ready to start configuring your CAP Management portal including the following:

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